Hoodoos in Utah

There were hoodoos everywhere. And I mean everywhere. They were bright orange, the same kind of orange that blinds your eyes at sunrise, but it’s so beautiful that you can’t look away. There were hoodoos of all different sizes, some 5 feet, some 100 feet. It looked like thousands of chess pieces glued together, each stack protecting their King.

These hoodoos, or, tall, thin, rock spires that are found in the desert and form from sedimentary and volcanic rock formations, make up Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah (Gotchya! When I first heard the word hoodoo, I thought it was some sort of superstitious ritual that had to do with Voodoo, or something weird like that).

Bryce Canyon is about 5 hours north of the Grand Canyon, and it well worth the visit. While the Grand Canyon makes you speechless from its vastness and its beauty, Bryce Canyon does just the same- but it is strange looking- and extremely beautiful, none the less. It looks like a “giants playground”, the way stones are stacked upon one another. It really makes you say, “wow.”













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