Finding Tranquility in Potholes

I could finally think. The potholes surrounded me; the picturesque simplicity that nature had created caused a tranquil feel. I was in Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Mpumalanga, South Africa. They’re not the potholes on the road that make even the calmest driver’s curse as loud as they can when they drive over them (I am one of them, it’s as if I can feel my car’s pain), but the potholes carved into the landscape where the Treur River joins the Blyde River, formed over centuries of “wear and tear” from the river and sand particles.



My ISV group and I were at a pit stop on our way to Kruger National Park. After entering the park, everyone in the group broke off for a moment of alone time. I got extremely close to the potholes, hung my feet over, and marveled at the view. There were so many of them, interconnected with water flowing between them. Apparently, depending on the height of the water, the soil content, and a few other circumstances, the color of the sandstone can change, altering the entire scenery. How incredible is that?



I walked over a few bridges connecting one piece of land to the other. The potholes were really deep at some points, and shallower at other points. They formed intricate shapes in the sandstone, some of them looked like hot tubs in the middle of the park, all brown, amber, and tan colors. The rocks looked smooth to the touch.


People were walking around by themselves, taking pictures, attempting to capture the beauty that resides in this park.



These potholes are found on the Panorama Route through South Africa, as are many other incredible views you would not find anywhere else. This site is definitely a must see. 

More Information on Bourke’s Luck Potholes:


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